Business Audits

Business Audits
Business Audits

You Can't Scale A Series of Businesses As The Only Chief In The Company.

Your companies will never succeed if you don't accept the fact that even entrepreneur's need a partner in business and accountability to compete in every market better known as a Chief Operating Officer.

The Chief Operating Officer Audit

Starting at $35,000 you will receive a comprehensive report over the following:

Financial Management

Bookkeeping, accounting, software, financial systems, strategies and team/department practices.

Information Technology

Software, equipment, security, effectiveness, efficiency and team/department practices.  


Day-to-Day operations measurement for efficiency within all departments related to performance.

Customer Relations

Analysis of company customer experience throughout product purchase and or service rendering process.


Evaluation of existing legal structure, protection, compliance and assessment of need.

Compliance & Quality Assurance

Analysis of monthly and quarterly quality assurance processes along with systems including risk management.

Human Resources

Analysis of onboarding, off-boarding, recruitment, retention, reporting and evaluation processes.


Assessment of the existing advisory team, board of directors, committees & stakeholder practices and procedures.  

Training & Development  

Determine areas of improvement for the staff curriculum on advancement, position skills and company culture.  

Marketing | Advertising | Public Relations

Analyze the existing performance of the tasks, implementations and execution of present strategies for effectiveness.

Sales & Supply Chain Management

Evaluate the existing sales process and supply chain performance for all products, programs and services.


Assess facilities management structure, team and department for efficiency and performance measurements.

You Don't Have to Tell Me, I Already Know That....

  1. Your financial audit is not painting the entire picture as to why your company is not increasing it's income.
  2. Your department evaluations are not painting the entire picture as to why your staff are not performing.
  3. Your cross-functional analysis is not revealing why your company is not operating seamlessly.
  4. Your executive team can not create a company wide approach to resolving the operations issues of the company alone.  
  5. You don't have an executive team to determine what's causing your company to remain stagnant.

What Your Business Stands To Gain From The Audit


1. Insight on which of the 12 operational areas your business is under-performing in.  

2. Insight on your staff, volunteers, contractors, stakeholders and executive team performance in each area.

3. Insight on your companies financial performance as its affected by all 12 operational areas.


1. Thorough measurements, analytical and data regulated outlook on the performance of each operating function.

2. Thorough evaluation of policies, procedures and protocols effecting performance in each operating function.

3. Thorough quantitative and qualitative collection of information from each operating function.

Audit Report  

1. Strategic plan for solving the problems found that are priority in the companies ability to scale.

2. Recommendations for solving all problems found during the audit.

3. Resources for the company to use in implementing the strategy for future business performance.

About The Community's Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Jazzmine "The Communities COO" Nolan-Echols is management consultant and entrepreneur with a passion for HOW businesses operate that impact our neighborhoods.

In 2016 she found that high performing mid-sized businesses are not scaling because they have not had an audit in their 10-15 years of operating. Those that have had an audit completed only cover their accounting functions or department. Through the Communities COO audit all departments will be evaluated and measured for finding and designing strategies for growth.

Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols credits her entrepreneurial spirit to living and surviving North St. Louis, MO. Watching people in every economic class persevere for their families and the community at large set the bar for her to reach. With this grit, drive, determination and motivation Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols found that business is her vehicle through entrepreneurship.

As a business woman and entrepreneur she applies her skills as a consultant, professor, author, executive, speaker, facilitator and manager for businesses nationwide. Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols has the unique position of understanding what it takes for a business to perform efficiently and how to implement the strategies from a cross-functional perspective.

With her passion for the community and her skillsets within business, she is able to increase the contribution of companies from every industries to the economy at large.  Through Marie Management, J Nolan Investment Group, JMN Foundation & the Minority Brokerage she is able to expand the capacity of the companies that effect the community the most for the future.  

Here's What Is In Your COO's Audit

Evaluation Findings  

Your company will receive the 5-10 page evaluation completed initially to assess which areas within the 12 area's of business to be further evaluated within the audit.  

25 Page Audit Report

Your company will receive a comprehensive report over the findings after assessing the performance of the 12 departments or functioning operations within the audit.

2-5 Page COO Recommendations, Strategies and Resources

Your company will receive a 1hr meeting over the recommendations, proposed strategy and resources outlined in the 12-point audit.

What Companies Are Saying

"She is the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I'm still chewing on nuggets sis gave me. I highly recommend her if you are looking to scale your business or take it to the next level. She is golden!"
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You Can't Expand Your Business Without Knowing What's Keeping It From Growing.