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Advising is used interchangeably for leaders and executives in support of making business decisions with expert knowledge they can depend on. Sometimes advisors act as sub committees to existing committees over a particular business area, as a sub committee to the board of directors or as individual advisors to the executives directly. No matter the advising structure, companies and corporations alike rely on advisors' experience to act in the gap of knowledge towards informed decision making. Advisors are not involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. 

Whereas board members or boards of directors exist to oversee, govern and regulate the company's operational profitability. Board members have historically had backgrounds in finance and law or were investors in the company. Today’s board members reflect a vast variety of business acumen, entrepreneurial backgrounds and financial expertise used to strengthen the operational opportunity available for companies to profit consistently. Board members meet regularly to make decisions based on the best interest of the shareholders including vetting executives to be appointed, managerial and financial strategies. 

Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols as a Board Member and Advisor

After 10+ years consulting businesses on the operational hangups costing their business models hundreds of thousands of dollars, Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols has put her appreciation for strategic system development to use as an advisor for several medium sized companies. She has also acted as an advisor for both for-profits and nonprofits in the capacities of fund development, fundraising campaigns, strategic planning, business development, financial forecasting, annual operating budget strategies and financial systems. Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols has also completed capacity building training for both for-profits and nonprofits that encompasses program/product development, board development, strategic planning and fund development. 

With a rigorous and diverse skill set as well as knowledge base in operational finance, she has served on the board of directors, commissions and committees to evaluate executives, evaluate shareholders, and develop managerial strategies. But most importantly lend her hand in decision making regarding financial analysis, financial forecasting, venture capital, commercial capital, wealth management, business evaluations, commercial acquisitions and mergers. In doing so, she maintains her zero tolerance approach for underperforming businesses, executives and entrepreneurs in her leadership style on boards of directors that ultimately result in her being appointed to oversee day-to-day activities for the board. She is trusted by the executives she appoints as a reliable source of knowledge, advocate and backbone which lead to her being referred to as “The Community’s COO.”  

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