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Culture specific & strategic solutions to capital attainment, maintenance, operations and accountability for professional ventures.

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Business Audit Executive

Cross company & corporation business audits that include financials but don’t exclude all other departments directly affecting the performance of the business in order for owners, investors, stakeholders and entrepreneurs to solve scale hindering problems.

Information Technology, Operations & Customer Relations
Legal, Compliance, Quality Assurance & HR
Financials, Governance, Training & Development
Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations
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Supporting community led organizations with goals to invest in, scale and grow neighborhood businesses without the internal & external capacity to do so independently.

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The Coin Culture

The Coin Culture is a membership community of high level entrepreneurs implementing strategic approaches to solve the problems of their businesses through video and private experiences.

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The Community’s COO

That’s me!

Most Entrepreneurs and Business Owners don’t understand why the COO is one of the most valuable members of any progressive team. Learn about the characteristics of your Community’s Chief Operating Officer: 

The Executor

One role of a COO is to lead the execution of strategies developed by the top management team. The COO typically takes responsibility for delivering results on a day-to-day, quarter-to-quarter basis in order to keep the business performing at its peak.

Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols practices execution of enterprise level businesses led by entrepreneurs at Marie Management.

Marie Management
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The Change Agent

Some companies name a COO to lead a specific strategic imperative, such as a turnaround, a major organizational change, or a planned rapid expansion.

Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols practices being a change agent as a Venture Capitalist at 314 Venture Capital.

314 Venture Capital
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The Mentor

Some companies bring a COO on board to mentor a young or inexperienced CEO (often a founder). A rapidly growing entrepreneurial venture might seek an industry veteran with seasoning, wisdom, and a rich network who can develop both the CEO and the emerging business.

Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols practices as a mentor for new, existing and exiting entrepreneurs as well as business owners Nationally & Internationally of all ages, industries and backgrounds.

The Coin Culture
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The Other Half.

A company may bring in a COO not as a mentor, but as a foil, to complement the CEO’s experience, style, knowledge base, or penchants.

Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols is the partner for Entrepreneur Accelerator Owners & Directors.

Entrepreneur & SME Accelerators
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The Partner

Sometimes, the CEO is simply the kind of person who works best with a partner. This can lead to what’s been called a “two in a box” model and is similar to what authors David Heenan and Warren Bennis have termed “co-leadership.”

Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols is the partner for entrepreneur’s leading medium sized companies at Marie Management.

Marie Management
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The Heir Apparent

In many cases, the primary reason to establish a COO position is to groom—or test—a company’s CEO-elect. The broad purview of the job allows an heir apparent to learn the whole company: its business, environment, and people.

Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols is the heir apparent during the auditing to outcome process.

Business Audits
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Finally, some companies offer the job of COO as a promotion to an executive considered too valuable to lose, particularly to a competitor.

Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols is the MVP for entrepreneurs running small businesses at Marie Management.

Marie Management
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Word on the street

Jazz came highly recommended and with the standards of the women we used to watch from across campus scared to speak to. I’m elated to have her on my management team.

Dr. Alex Ellis
Founder/Owner @Tied To Greatness

We need more Jazz’s in the Entrepreneur Ecosystem to say what we can’t as leaders and do what most won’t to get businesses to grow. I am committed to finding more ways to deeply involve her in the real work of building Black Businesses.

Lakesha Mathis
Director  @Diverse Business Accelerator

“Let me just take a minute to acknowledge a bomb woman Jazzmine Nolan. I had my first business meeting with her yesterday and when I say she is a beast at what she does.... whewww I’ve never met someone who I can just spill my brains 🧠 too and they connect the pieces for me!!! My futures looking real sunny 🌞 😎 over here

Shamel Robinson
Founder/Owner @Sonder Lush

I am always looking forward to her Facebook Lives because she says what nobody else is willing to say about business. I took her Masterclass and I’ve been hooked even before that 🤣. 

Suhailah Waheed
Founder/Owner @GivingGeeks

Frequently asked questions

Do you accept pitches and help entrepreneurs from different industries?

Yes, I have a partnership with another black owned and funded investment company that prefers to fund ventures earning beyond $5M in manufacturing, telecommunications, media and technology.

Did you fundraise to invest in your first venture capital entrepreneurs?

No. I invest my own funds and business systems into the professional services companies & entrepreneurs I invest in. Soon I will accept the funds of other investors for the 314 Campaign to be launched.

How long does a complete business audit take?

2 weeks - 30 days depending on the size and internal capacity of the company being audited.

Do you complete business audits in different states?

Yes. Nationally & Internationally

Do you work with accelerators, incubators, economic development departments and bootcamps in different states?

Yes. Nationally & Internationally

Can you work with the accelerators board, investors and leaders on how to better serve today’s entrepreneurs?

Yes. My goal is to ensure that investors and leaders in the ecosystem understand, implement and invest in culture specific approaches, systems and solutions. Ensuring that results in the minority owners & entrepreneurs of their organizations not only scale their companies but become competitive in their markets.

Do you worry about how the public perceives you?

Absolutely not.

Is there a difference in cost for the services you provide to the Coin Culture Members?

Yes. Members of the Coin Culture receive 10% off of services, admission and products.