The Community’s Operating System for Our Businesses

The Community’s Operating System (COS) is a comprehensive program designed for business owners to implement strategies into their companies that streamline how they work across 12 functions.

Assuming Marketing Is Your Only Business Problem Is Your First Mistake
Marketing is 1:12 functions you need to consistently earn income

The world's influencers like to convince you that all you need is marketing to earn income. They are also the same people that encourage you to prioritize marketing first as if it’s the real reason why 98% of self-employed professionals earn less than $40,000 net income per year for decades. Marketing is not your primary problem.

Implement Permanent Solutions Instead of Bubble Gum and Tape Fixes

Choosing not to streamline all aspects of the work outside of what you do such as paying yourself, contract distribution and customer service are some of the primary reasons why self-employed professionals earn less than they did working a job.

Build a Business Instead of a Hustle

The world’s influencers also glorify side hustling as a way of life instead of an investment towards where you want to be. Hustling is not a permanent solution to your problems, building a business is and has always been for centuries.

Throwing Money at Problems Instead of Solving Them Is Your First Mistake
Not Knowing What an Agency Is Doing For Your Business Is Problematic

Blindly hiring and contracting freelancers or agencies without having enough knowledge about the problem you want them to solve makes them a predator and your business the prey.

Not Knowing How an Agency Does What They’re Doing Is Unacceptable

Agencies, freelancers and the majority of the world’s influencers can not give you reports, evaluations or assessments of their work because they simply are not working. There’s nothing of substance to give, but they’ll be sure to charge your business routinely.

Not Evaluating Your Contractors or Vendors is Draining The Business

These people in most cases, and companies in fewer cases, rely on your ignorance to make money. Therefore they will deplete your budget for all of your companies departments long before they do anything tangible for the business. It’s your business to evaluate companies being paid to work on your behalf in the best interest of the company.

Refusing to Address How Your Businesses Operate Is Your First Mistake
Ignoring What You’re Not Interested in Doing is not Effective Leadership

It is not necessary for you to control all aspects of your businesses in order to lead them. However, the “out of sight out of mind” approach does not get things done for the business either. The longer you ignore things, the longer it takes for you to stabilize, disengage and move on to the next problem you find that you want to solve with a product, service or investment.

Stabilizing The Businesses You Own Before Disengaging Is Your Priority

The freedom and flexibility of entrepreneurship is glorified as a fancy free and convenient way of living. When in fact the success of the businesses depend on the entrepreneurs buckling down on multiple aspects of what the business depends on before moving on to the next vision. This is the discipline of entrepreneurship that determines how long you are in the weeds of what you own.

It is Your Responsibility To Equip Your Businesses With What They Need

Entrepreneurship does not absolve you of responsibility. In fact your responsibility increases as your businesses earn, grow and scale beyond your personal capacity. Therefore, if you want your businesses to continue to earn for you, you must regularly equip them.

Imagine installing the operating systems designed by a COO without the salary overhead of one.

Setting yourself and your businesses up to operate smoothly is the best thing you can do for its bottom line. Implementing systems for 12 functions of your business removes the bubble gum and tape approach to only handling one aspect of your company's problems. 

Thousands of companies and entrepreneurs nationwide and internationally trust The Community’s COO to lead the operations of their businesses. Now you will have access to the streamlined strategies of systems for sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, customer service, management, finance, operations, communications, compliance and administration functions.

What is The Community’s Operating System (COS)?

The Community’s Operating System (COS) is your strategic solution to implementing processes for self-employed professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs. It includes operating systems for 12 business functions that provide software, manuals, SOPs, training, templates, books, and workbooks.

Business Operations Management

Knowing exactly what operating systems to implement on behalf of your business can be the difference between being open today, bankrupt and closed tomorrow.

Don’t worry about looking for the software to implement these operating systems- we’ve got you covered. We selected them for you already.
The manuals, templates and SOPs we wrote for you are based on the tools we selected and strategies we designed, not items found on Google.
Working on your business instead of in it takes time, discipline and dedication to complete the operational facets of business development. Therefore, the COS gives you one year to implement each of the 12 operating systems by tackling one area per month.

COS: 12 Operating Systems

Learn about all the ways The COS solves operations problems before they negatively impact your bottom line.


Determine how your management team operates your business with a system you will be able to train them on after implementation.


Automate your administrative tasks for your business and eliminate the bill for you, busy work for VAs, and headaches for staff.


Streamline your day-to-day tasks across all of your business functions by implementing tools and systems that track progression and performance.


Implement a sales system that’s 80% automated and predictable for your business that eliminates human error from affecting the company's bottom line.


Setup marketing activities for your business that do not depend on agencies, contractors or freelancers for execution related to staying in front of your customers.


Setup advertising activities for your business that do not depend on agencies, contractors or freelancers for execution related to staying in front of your customers.

Public Relations:

Setup PR activities for your business that do not depend on agencies, contractors or freelancers for execution related to staying in front of your customers.

Customer Service:

Determine how your customers interact with your business in order to meet their needs regularly without losing them for bad customer service.

Human Resources:

Streamline your HR process with a simple system instead of bulky software that won’t meet your immediate needs, cost a fortune and require an expensive consultant.


Streamline your bookkeeping, accounting and financial forecasting processes with a simple system that meets your needs, won’t cost a fortune or require an expensive consultant.


Implement your internal and external communications systems without operating as a response to crisis each time something happens.


Create compliance measures, protocols and processes for all of your business functions to not only make sure you meet legal standards, but keep your business operations in alignment with its policies and procedures.

Community’s Operating System

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