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Marie Management

Scale Your For-Profits & Develop How You Will Give Back At The Same Time.

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Marie Management specializes in building hybrid model businesses that encompass a series of nonprofit and for-profit companies in one model. ย 

Marie Management eliminates the complications associated to starting, growing and expanding nonprofit and for-profit ventures for entrepreneurs.

Marie Management builds, strengthens and scales the single for-profit company, nonprofit company or hybrid model of entrepreneurs nationally and internationally.

Core Values:

Economic Equality: โ€‹Developing and expanding businesses that impact all communities nationally and internationally.

Investment: โ€‹โ€‹Requiring our clients to contribute to the communities they profit from via their revenues through corporate responsibility programs. ย โ€‹

Philanthropy: โ€‹Our for-profit companies develop nonprofit's, foundations, trusts or donation platforms in which entrepreneurs give 3%-10% of their annual income to a vulnerable population of their choice.


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What our customers are saying:

"I have never hired a consultant before and in doing so I did not know what to expect from Marie Management. After one year with Marie Management I have two fully functioning companies; a for profit and a nonprofit. Two success stories I would not be able to tell without hiring Marie Management as my consulting firm."
Jennifer Louis


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