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Typically when you come in contact with business news in the media today it is a reflection of Fortune 500-1000 business finances, data, stories, announcements, drama, stock performance or lack thereof. Oftentimes every day business and entrepreneurs have to complete applications and fight to be at the top of a journalist's email to be featured on a 2-3 minute segment pertaining to “a story the community needs to hear.” 

But what about the business of those businesses? When are we going to start seeing the finances, data, stories, interviews, announcements, drama, profit performance or lack thereof pertaining to the companies just shy of qualifying for the Fortune 1000 list? What about the businesses that will never make that list but have been pillars of their communities for decades? What about business in the media reflecting all levels, stages and economic impact of companies and corporations that reflect the communities we live in?

Representation is Not a Race Thing, it’s Business

It’s important that we start seeing all versions, sizes, backgrounds, starts and finishes of business portrayed in the media. Not just the crisis around why they don’t perform, but the inner workings, operations, finances, performance, partnerships, trials and tribulations that make all of today’s brands and business possible. 

It’s time that we start seeing stories unfold before us that impact the business ecosystem everywhere for generations to come before its demise. Publishing articles about the announcements of founders and entrepreneurs making 7 figures, startups getting funded, or even underprivileged executives “making it” is not what I’m referring to. I’m referring to the same interviews that created the legacy of 60 Minutes with a strong concentration on the facts, data, details and cross referencing research of business as it applies to every perspective. 

It’s important that business in the media starts reflecting leadership outside of Corporate America as it is those companies’ partners, contractors, vendors, suppliers etc that make the Fortune 500-1000 possible. We want to know about their company projects, their business activities, their performance, their government perspectives, their finances and yes a little bit of their drama. .  

JMNE Media

I designed JMNE Media as a way to give everyday business and entrepreneurs next door the respect they are due. In the subsidiary companies of JMNE Media business stories will be told via the lenses of management, operations, finance, government, best practices, ethics, policies and procedures, as well as philanthropy.

It wouldn’t be a company of mine if I didn’t apply the #JazzMethod, therefore the interviews with businesses will hold owners, founders and entrepreneurs accountable to their contributions to their employees and communities beyond earnings. JMNE Media will make room for professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs at all stages of development in order to tell the full story, not just the announcement, crisis or the drama of the company. 

Now we will have a point of reference for HOW ALL BUSINESS is done. 

Learn more about JMNE Media. 

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