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The Black Business Blueprint

The Black Business Blueprint
The Black Business Blueprint

Black Business In The Media

Rather you are turning on the television or radio, reading a book, flipping through a magazine or newspaper, writing a research paper, or searching your favorite search engine, black business stories are seldom told. Meanwhile we have been the very reason for the success of many of today’s corporations reflected on Wall Street since before its inception. 

What the media does do is exploit black businesses for charity, ratings or reports closely associated with failure. What the media fails to do is communicate what we do well in business, and how what we do has historically contributed to the world's economics. 

Media not reflecting black business finances, scaling, progression, stories, history, interviews, etc. does a disservice to today’s market that has millions of black business owners. Without representation of black business in the media outside of PR announcements, one would assume black businesses have no place in any market or industry; it is the furthest from the truth.  

I find that with the inclusion of black business intelligence, black economics, black finance, black legal proceedings, black business movies, governmental policies that impact black business, black inventions and investments will directly determine how black businesses perform in every market.     

JMNE Media will contribute to how we will successfully continue to do the business that has influenced the world's economics since the 1800s.

Black Business Intelligence In The Media

The media that represents black business is often a representation of entertainment 50-100 years after the life of a great story lived in the culture. The problem with this is we’re doing business now and we’re doing it in a time where media affects how our stories are told. 

To see oneself navigating the trials, tribulations and triumphs of business as a black owner, entrepreneur and investor is what we need to progress the industry of mass media forward. As a result we can start seeing the data, science, revenue, operations and economic impact on our businesses from a lens we look through every day.

For these reasons, I built and designed JMNE Media to reflect black business news, politics, law, operations, history, finances, research, science, data and so much more. The consistent goal is to show black people how to do black business in the media. 

JMNE Media

I designed JMNE Media as a way to turn my academic creativity into a diverse means of communicating and documenting HOW WE DO BUSINESS.

JMNE Media collaboratively works with black journalists, producers, writers, academics, scholars, entrepreneurs, business owners, inventors and investors to bring our business realities and stories of every sector to the world.

Now we will have a point of reference for HOW BLACK BUSINESS is done. 

This body of work will comprise of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual releases of: 

  • Podcast
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Digital Publishing 
  • Print Publishing  

Learn more about JMNE Media. 

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