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The Money of Minorities Requires Management Not Advising

Managing Money

There is a lot of talk about budgeting, advising and investing around money targeted towards black people. Meanwhile none of these things are the reason for, or activities of wealth building or sustainability. This is why there is a continued outcome of minorities being taken advantage of financially by financial big business as it did hundreds of years ago as we started establishing independent income for ourselves. 

There is a huge misconception that black people have never had money, don’t know what to do with money and are bad stewards of money. This is a continued negative perspective designed to contribute to keeping black people away from establishing wealth. Meanwhile we’ve bought and maintained homes, businesses and entire communities since the 1800s. 

Having Money and Managing Money Is Two Different Things

Not counting the reparations owed to black people for hundreds of years of unpaid labor, black people are no stranger to making or having money. Contrary to popular belief, the solution to closing the wealth gap is black people paid what we’re owed and us utilizing that payment in such a way that multiple generations benefit from it.  

However, we are a long way away from consistent and deliberant accountability in this area, so it’s important to concentrate on what we can control. We can control what we do with the money we earn during our lifetime, what we do with it now and how it impacts the next generation.  

Therefore, black people ages 10+ earning $10 in allowances or $100M in business revenue will now have the opportunity to work with a management team on their wealth that looks like them. Nolan Echols Wealth Management works with black youth, individuals, self-employed professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs on the assets and forecasting of their choice. 

Nolan Echols Wealth Management

I designed Nolan Echols Wealth Management as a way to remove the red tape from black people being able to manage the income we do generate revenue towards generational wealth our way. Together we will identify and understand our relationship with money in order to use it as the vehicle it is instead of the weapon we were taught it is. 

Nolan Echols Wealth Management collaboratively works with the individuals, families and businesses to forecast, prepare and plan for the management of their finances with legal, accounting, bookkeeping and payee professionals for the progression of black generational wealth.

Now we will have a point of reference for HOW BLACK WEALTH is done. 

Nolan Echols Wealth Management provides the following:

  • Youth 10-19: Actional Financial Learning and Practices Management
  • Young Adult 20-30: Actional Financial Diversification & Asset Management
  • Individuals: Asset Forecasting, Financial Relationships and Management 
  • Self Employed: Asset Forecasting, Financial Relationships and Management 
  • Business Owners: Asset Forecasting, Financial Relationships and Management 
  • Entrepreneurs: Asset Forecasting, Financial Relationships and Management 
  • Family Offices: Asset Forecasting, Financial Relationships and Management 

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