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For decades we have experienced the decline of manufacturing nationwide for a complex set of reasons. Meanwhile, some manufacturing entrepreneurs are holding fast and strong to the next generation of innovation that can make the industry what it used to be again. The industry leaders continuing to pave the way in manufacturing have made vast opportunities available for new entrepreneurs to enter and thrive in the space no matter the sector.  

However, there is a continued need for communicating the efforts of the industry to local, state and federal government officials as the industry has always been heavily regulated by laws and policies. These very laws and policies impact operational scalability and structural functions for manufacturing companies in every community. Meanwhile manufacturing is the leading employer of any country around the world. Without manufacturing, any strides of economic enrichment are far, few and in between as no other industry is comparable related to total impact. 

Local, State and Federal Government Support of Manufacturing

Accountability for the public is the primary reason businesses seek lobbyists to work on their behalf. Government officials are often unequipped with the knowledge necessary to make decisions placed before them. These knowledge deficits and lack of expertise in any industry prohibit government officials from making decisions that are in the best interest of the public. Therefore lobbyists play the intricate role in preparing the research, presentations and communication necessary to hold government officials accountable for making informed decisions. 

Achieving good regulations is the second primary reason businesses seek lobbyists to work on their behalf. Regulations that are outdated, require updates, require amendments, require removal or public communication of their enforcement or lack thereof all impact businesses. Therefore, achieving regulations that are in the best interest of the public are critical to businesses performing on the local, state and federal levels.   

Quality of law making is the third primary reason businesses seek lobbyists to work on their behalf. Laws can either prohibit or enhance a businesses opportunities to perform in every way. The role of a lobbyist is to ensure that the laws being created are just for the direct interest of the business represented when set forth by governmental bodies.  

Shannon Partners

I started Shannon Partners to complete research and governmental relations necessary to lobby on behalf of manufacturing companies on a state, local and federal level. Together, Shannon Partners and the manufacturing businesses it represents will impact the outcomes policy, and law-making have on the industry now and in the future. 

Shannon Partners collaboratively works with government officials to strategically design campaigns that will implement change across entire communities, sectors, nations and countries positively impacted by the manufacturing industry. The lobbying efforts of Shannon Partners include the interests of total economies, manufacturing stakeholders and government officials alike. 

Now the manufacturing industry will have a trusted partner in their interests, the government officials will have a trusted partner for communication of the industry’s needs, and the community will have a trusted partner in creating as well as sustaining and stabilizing companies they can be proud of. 

Shannon Partners provides its clients with: 

  • Policy, Statute and Law-Making Research Specific to Manufacturing Regulations 
  • Business Representation on the Local, State & Federal Levels 
  • Equipment of Local Officials With Understanding of Manufacturing Issues
  • Government & Regulatory Advising and Consulting 

Learn more about Shannon Partners. 

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