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The Black Debt Project

The Black Debt Project
The Black Debt Project

Employing culturally specific business education that provides us with equity we can embrace.

Black Businesses Have Been Successful Since The 1800s

There is a lot of research capital, funding and labor spent on telling the world how black people don’t do well in business via reports, white papers and studies of all kinds. What these studies fail to do is communicate what we do well in business, and how what we do well can not be compared to other races. 

The current research does not measure our success in business within our ecosystem. Instead, the research compares our businesses to the undocumented constructs of industry standards and social norms that do not reflect us economically or culturally. 

I find that with the removal of opinionated comparisons unsupported by business intelligence, black business can be seen for what it is; a force to be reckoned with and a disrupter in any industry when black best practices are applied to them.     

My life long research will contribute to how we have done business successfully since the 1800s to-date and how we will continue to do so despite adversities given strategic solutions designed for us and by us

Black Business Intelligence Beyond Borders

Often we see a problem, we are required to be the problem or are made the problem without choosing to critically think through to a solution for it that can be practiced consistently. 

We do this in business because quite frankly we are tired mentally and emotionally from the life-long fight required of us. As a result we gatekeep the wrong things, internalize the emotions and have trauma responses in business that impact our companies rather silently or aloud instead of DOING BUSINESS REGARDLESS.  

However, I challenge us to a plan instead of a new fight. A plan I’ll back with research for the rest of my life. 

The challenge is to critically think about the practiced solution to be implemented as a result of a problem when it impacts our businesses and economy as a whole. We will be required to test and measure that solution in order to develop our own business best practices for generations to come.  

The question we must ask ourselves when faced with a business problem and prior to implementing the strategic solutions you’ll find in my research is:

“How can we employ education that provides us with equity we can embrace

- Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols 

In the event that we ask ourselves this question and apply the practices of the work you’ll find in my research, we can not only sustain our businesses but scale our businesses for the benefit of black people around the world. 

The Black Debt Project

I designed The Black Debt Project as a method to my madness for the consistent completion of my academic work and business practices associated with HOW WE DO BUSINESS.

In this body of work I will independently and collaboratively work with black academics, scholars, entrepreneurs and business owners to test, implement and collectively compose documents related to our perspective for best practices across business problems in every industry and sector. 

Each work will be culturally specific to black business and outline the recommended approaches, methodologies and measuring tools towards our way of employing, educating and equitably embracing business solutions. 

Now we will have a point of reference for HOW BLACK BUSINESS is done. 

This body of work will comprise of quarterly and annual releases of: 

  • Research Papers 
  • Published Articles  
  • White Papers 
  • Reports 
  • Text Books 
  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Strategic Plans 

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