314 Venture Capital

314 Venture Capital
314 Venture Capital

Investing in Black Owned Professional Service Entrepreneurs

Our Thesis:

314 Venture Capital invests in black entrepreneurs starting, operating or scaling a professional services firm. We offer our entrepreneurs management consulting regarding their internal capacity in order to build or strengthen their systems towards unmeasurable growth. 

Service Areas

Legal, Accounting, Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Financial, Information Technology, Human Resources, Telecommunications

314 Venture Capital Sees You 

More often than not professional services entrepreneurs are looked over by traditional funding sources merely for the preference in shiny objects and extroverted personalities. Meanwhile our firms are the brain power child that give global enterprises the ability to perform. Therefore, our core belief is “Entrepreneurship Requires You.”

Our Mission

314 Venture Capital aims to invest in sectors, industries and entrepreneurs that are normally not considered for traditional funding streams while holding black professionals accountable to the success of their business.  

What You Can Expect In Exchange for Equity

Professional Services Entrepreneurs can expect invaluable attention to their business development, business operations, business income and business positioning before we sign any agreements for equity. Entrepreneurs can expect that their business will be brought to a space of competition in their industry and perform alongside the top earners. We will support, advise, mentor and manage the businesses we invest in, not just wait around on our benefits.

How to Get Started With 314 Venture Capital

  • Step 1:  Attend the  Professional Services Lecture Series

Entrepreneurs will learn how to turn their degrees into their destiny by exploring the profitable business options currently existing in their industry along with opportunities that don’t. Professionals will be presented with 6 ways to earn in business what is impossible to achieve in employment alongside case studies, references and resources to begin planning their way into entrepreneurship.  

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  • Step 2:  Attend the Professional Services Masterclass

Professional Services Entrepreneurs work on their new or existing business model over a 4 week period with consulting experts to streamline systems, strengthen processes, determine competitive pricing, expand customer basis and outline their strategic plan. Entrepreneurs will implement solutions and changes in their businesses in real time during the masterclass along with weekly tasks to complete that increase the capacity of their companies.  

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  • Step 3: Pitch Us 

Entrepreneurs that have completed the Professional Services Lecture Series, Professional Services Masterclass and meet the following standards are encouraged to Pitch Us:

  • 1 Year of Business Performance Data: 80% Satisfactory KPIs
  • 1 Year of Customer Performance Data: 80% Customer Satisfaction  
  • Annual Operating Budget: 20% Profit Margin   
  • 1 Year Business Tax Return: 100% Financial Compliance 
  • 5 Year Strategic Plan: 80% Scalability Evaluation Score