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Global Business Class

Global Business Class
Global Business Class

The Community’s COO travels to touch the pulse of business in all parts of the world.

The Community’s COO mixes business with play during all international stays by living among the locals instead of as a tourist.

Traveling is often glamorized by entrepreneurs as a means of indulging in luxury escapes. I experience traveling as a means to engage other business cultures, climate’s and consistencies.

I think understanding international business as an entrepreneur contributes to one’s confidence in entering mass markets from either the business or investor perspective. Without putting your feet on the ground of these countries to determine their value to a brand, you can not begin the decision making process on whether or not to scale and expand.

Culture is often ignored when making business decisions internationally without recognizing how much it in fact impacts the data, facts and numbers we love to base choices on instead. Entire communities are impacted by our business decisions everyday around the globe. It’s time we consider the people, places and things we impact on our entrepreneurial endeavors rather big or small. 

For these reasons, International Business from the entrepreneurs perspective requires more than projects, the occasional donations and government meetings. It calls for us to participate in economic development anywhere business is being done. So join me on my documented journey of International Business Class.

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Somewhere in the world business is being done while you sleep. Learn about my international business adventures by clicking a country and reading its blog post.