The Coin Culture

The Coin Culture
The Coin Culture

The Coin Culture 

Community. Culture. Coin.

A community for black people to progressively take action towards financial sustainability for themselves, their families, their businesses and their communities.

Giving us a place to work on what matters in a world concentrated on influencing instead of business.

The Coin Culture Problems

  • 49% of black entrepreneurs and business owners transitioning from Corporate America are Gen X ages 41-56 with 26%-33% holding a bachelor’s or master's degree. Black professionals are transitioning out of Corporate America because of the lack of autonomy, security, income negotiations, executive promotions and work/life balance. However, we have to understand that skills obtained by gainful employment do not directly transfer into every area of running a business or entrepreneurship. We handle this transition in The Coin Culture.
  • 21% of black entrepreneurs and business owners are millennials ages 23-38 juggling being self employed, contracted and freelancing with specialized & certified skillsets. Black individuals that want control over their income often turn to these areas of earned income. However, remaining self-employed, contracted or a freelancer for a lifetime is not the road to long term wealth even though it relieves short term financial strain. We handle this transition in The Coin Culture.
  • Only 17% of black entrepreneurs enter entrepreneurship with a new business idea requiring more than $50,000 to start. 8:10 of these black owned businesses ratio fail within the first 18 months, 50% by year 5 and 70% by year 10. With 77% of black entrepreneurs starting a new company instead of buying a franchise, creating a franchisable model or existing business, we have to look into streamlining smarter investments vehicles with increased profit margins. We handle this transition in The Coin Culture.
  • 43% of black owned businesses are funded by cash which has been the traditional standard for hundreds of years. However, the development of black owned and black authorized capital vehicles are not being created to match the rate we are entering and reentering business and entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is time to engage capital at a high level to increase the 3-11% of us that take advantage of lines of credit, SBA funds, family & friends investments, unsecured loans, secured loans, peer to peer lending, venture capital and angel investor funds. We handle this transition in The Coin Culture

Black Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Self Employed Individuals Complain About:

  • Not knowing where to turn to solve immediate business problems.
  • Not trusting authority figures within organizations that don’t look like us.
  • Wanting to bypass all the influencers and their tactics around business.
  • Not being aware of what professionals to contact for their business.
  • Leadership in business being full of people that don’t have businesses themselves.
  • Talk about business always being about the cute stuff, never about the real.
  • There’s no one available in business that holds us accountable with full transparency and requires us to do better without victimization or sympathy.

The Coin Culture Solution

Coin Culture members work on their transitions from employment, to self-employed, to business ownership and finally entrepreneurship via tailored progressive plans by the name of: 

  • FamilyFi: Members are working on the financial capacity of their family business rather it encompasses just themselves or several people. 
  • SelfEmployedFi: Members are working on the financial capacity of the skill sets they are currently delivering to a customer base in order to grow them. 
  • BusinessOwnerFi: Members are working on all of the aspects of their business that impact its finances regularly. 
  • EntrepreneurFi: Members are working on the financial capacity of their deal flow that impacts current and future investments.  

The Black Progressive Process Plan

The goal of The Coin Culture is to move black families, black self-employed professionals, black business owners and black entrepreneurs to multi-generational wealth with activities that reflect us. Members can expect to gain access to all things black business in The Coin Culture resulting in increased revenues with the implementation of activities, lessons and tactics communicated.  

Why Should I Join the Coin Culture?

The Coin Culture Value

  • Endless opportunities to work ON your business not IN your business
  • Cultured Community of professionals, business owners, self employed individuals and entrepreneurs that look like you holding each other accountable with no smoke and mirrors
  • No influencer agendas or intent just hard work and business blueprints
  • Real exposure to how negative business choices and decisions result in negative outcomes with no sugar on top
  • Scholarly leadership, academic fact checking, entrepreneurial experience and street smarts woven together for a well rounded approach to how we do business in all of our perspective industries of choice
  • No filters, No code switching, No pressure of nobody else’s way but ours.
  • Uncovering all the historical ways of getting to the coin that we built this country on without the secrets.

Memberships Benefits 

1. Weekly Strategic Solution Videos to Live Rants
  • The Community’s COO randomly goes live on her social media platforms regarding business foolery across all industries that impact how we do and earn in our companies. 
  • The Coin Culture Members will get weekly strategy videos on how to solve the problems and issues from the rants if they’re impacting their businesses. Members will be able to implement these solutions immediately upon watching the strategy videos.
2. Business Funding Resources 
  • The Community’s COO is consistently provided with access to capital for businesses by individuals, organizations and institutions eagerly ready to support responsible, accountable and profitable companies. 
  • The Coin Culture Members will get weekly notifications, access, video explanations and video funding strategies on how to obtain and sustain income, revenue, capital and investments for their businesses. 
3. Business Software 
  • The Community’s COO is best known for her ability to implement operating systems across Hybrid Model companies. Therefore she knows what software is marketed and not marketed to businesses of all sizes in order to prohibit their profitability. 
  • The Coin Culture Members will get weekly access to, video explanations of, video reviews and video strategies for proper implementation of software best suited for all industries operating businesses.
4. The Coin Culture Accelerator 
  • The Community’s COO is the Principal Consultant of Marie Management where businesses of all sizes are provided operational services. However, the majority of minority owned businesses are run by self employed individuals. Therefore we created a self employed solution. 
  • The Coin Culture Members will be able to attend a 12 week Accelerator for self-employed individuals to develop a profitable business around their skills that grows without copying and pasting an existing company model that doesn’t work. 
5. Courses 
  • The Community’s COO has created the following courses for business owners and entrepreneurs to learn the activities of their roles and how they impact their stakeholders, investors, employees and businesses alike: 
  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • Small Business Development 101
  • Business Owners Accountability 101 
  • Managers In Training 101
  • The Coin Culture Members get access to these courses and all annual courses created surrounding internal, external and professional capacity building necessary for navigating components of business and entrepreneurship. 
6. Private Events
  • The Community’s  COO will host monthly, quarterly and annual invitation only private events for members to work ON their business, work ON themselves and enjoy the flexibility entrepreneurship provides us to enjoy ourselves worldwide.  
  • The Coin Culture Members get discounted admission to the following private events held nationally and internationally: 
  • WorkParty’s
  • WorkCation’s 
  • WorkHour’s 
  • Business on the Block Parties  

Have You Heard About The Coin Culture Movements?

The Coin Culture Leader

About The Community's Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Jazzmine "The Communities COO" Nolan-Echols is an entrepreneur with a passion for HOW the businesses operate that impact our culture.

Since 2016 when she founded Marie Management, she’s been consistently aware of the group of black people, black professionals, black business owners and black entrepreneurs that are not ready for the interactions that come with big business. After years of watching the data and interacting with the population of us that need an extra relatable push towards greatness beyond a certificate program or influencer platform, she decided to build a solution. 

Through the Communities COO’s Coin Culture, members are able to gain access to progressive methods of transitioning through the four crucial stages in our lives that do not mirror that of other races. In The Coin Culture we are working together daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to increase the revenue, investments and business capacity of individuals, families, companies and the enterprises of entrepreneurs.  

Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols credits her entrepreneurial spirit to living and surviving in North St. Louis, MO. Watching people in every economic class persevere for their families and the community at large set the bar for her to achieve exceptional heights. With this grit, drive, determination and motivation Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols found that business is her vehicle through life, not just entrepreneurship.

At the age of 17, she began her journey as a business woman which has grown to encompass aspects of venture capital, angel investing, financial planning, consulting, speaking, higher education professor, producer, facilitator and manager for businesses and entrepreneurs nationwide. Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols has the unique position of understanding what it takes for a business to perform efficiently and how to implement the strategies from a cross-functional perspective in a plethora of industries.

With her passion for the community and her skill sets within business, she is able to increase the contribution of companies from every industry to the economy at large.  

Through her companies Marie Management, JMN Foundation, Nolan-Echols Wealth Management, JMNE Media Company, Black Not Broke, Off By 5, Black & Brown Brokerage, Minority Business Capital and Urban Franchising, she is able to expand the capacity of the companies she works with.

Learn More About Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols

The Coin Culture is Not For You If………

  • The Coin Culture Is Not For You If you are not a self-starter. This is NOT an influencer platform. You will have to take the initiative with the things offered in the community for yourself, your family, your business and your community.   
  • The Coin Culture Is Not For You If you are not self-disciplined. This is NOT an influencer platform. We are not fostering followers here, we are investing in leaders. You will not be handheld, no one will be convincing you to take action or implement the activities in this community that are for your best interest. 
  • The Coin Culture Is Not For You If you are change-averse. This is NOT an influencer platform. You will be held accountable and responsible for the mindset shift you will have to encounter in order to receive the value this community offers.