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Economic Development Partner

Economic Development Partner
Economic Development Partner

Get Your Accelerator What It Needs To Succeed!

Hiring Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols for speaking, facilitating, assessing or coaching for your up-in-coming cohort is the best way to engage your accelerator with todays entrepreneur perspective. You will be ensuring that your entrepreneurs have the guidance, support and structure it takes to scale their businesses strategically. With her experience in scaling companies from various industries, there is no business she can't successfully correct its operations, implement effective systems and measure outcomes towards the end goal which is always to increase profitability for companies led by entrepreneurs.

The Community’s COO Value to Accelerators

I am an Operations Consultant, 8x Business Owner, Childhood Entrepreneur, Author, Collegiate Professor and Venture Capitalist that Coaches for Business Accelerators.

My businesses, entrepreneurship, studies and training are not rooted in life coaching, business coaching or industry coaching of any kind. It is however rooted in the experience and exposure of everything engulfed in economics, urban development, government, all revenue generating activities and capital for multicultural communities.

Business Industries I’ve Worked With in Accelerators:

  • Beauty
  • Chemistry
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Construction
  • Mental Health
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Health Care

States I’ve worked with Accelerators in:

  • Missouri
  • Illinois
  • Texas
  • Georgia

Entrepreneur & Business Accelerator Needs

  • Business Accelerators often struggle with creating and implementing effective assessment tools for minority businesses in order to get a complete landscape of the companies existing capacity in order to best support them during the accelerator process. The Community’s COO handles that for you by designing organization specific assessment tools.
  • Business Accelerators create their own curriculums or purchase a curriculum that often does not reflect the economy & economic decisions of the minority participants being served. The Community’s COO handles that for you by creating culture specific curriculum.
  • Business Accelerators often source partnerships & resources that align with the business needs without assessing rather or not participants can implement or utilize them accordingly, or if the resource is the appropriate fit for all participants. The Community’s COO handles that for you by assessing business & entrepreneur needs via the assessment tool.
  • Business Accelerators often do not have the capacity or resources to locate leadership with entrepreneurial experience and exposure to assume employment roles within the organization. Therefore there’s a gap in understanding between the leadership and participants in these cases. The Community’s COO handles that for you by providing professional development training to accelerator leadership.
  • Business Accelerators struggle with aligning capital and stipends of all kinds to minority owned businesses that ensure positive outcomes related to company growth due to the entrepreneurs industry of choice. The Community’s COO handles that for you by aligning accelerators with minority owned and operated capital vehicles as well as developing an alum funds utilization reporting system.
  • Business Accelerators struggle with determining which participants are self-employed, business owners or entrepreneurs in order to apply the appropriate journey of support that ensures economic results. The Community’s COO handles that for you by determining where participants are in their business journey via the assessment.
  • Business Accelerators often have alum participants request additional support once the program is over in areas that may have been missed or that come up later as a result of doing business better. Alum often want to continue the work they started in the accelerator with professional support navigating the resources and ecosystem efficiently. The Community’s COO handles that for you by providing your participants extended business coaching and workshops.
  • Business Accelerators often struggle holding participants accountable to their commitment in the program, to themselves and to their business during the learning curves they experience.  The Community’s COO handles that for you by transparently communicating the expectations of professional services, interactions and leveraged access to resources expected to be implemented with support yet independently.

SME Event Speaker

The more we complete accelerators for entrepreneurs, we are all learning that the work just starts there. Let's prepare your entrepreneurs for their follow up accountability and responsibility partners after the cohort. Schedule your Coach vs. Mentor Speaker & Workshop Event Today!

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Accelerator Executives & Investors Speaker

Bring a speaker to your accelerator that is directly involved with the ecosystem of today's entrepreneurs and understands the transparent needs of small businesses in order to consistently meet your company goals, expectations and bottom line.

Learn More 👉🏾 Accelerator Speaking Engagement

SME Business Assessments

What You Can Expect From Have Business Assessments Completed For Your Entrepreneurs:

Understanding the complete internal capacity of the existing business

Understanding the full financial picture

Understand the internal functions and operations  

Outline the internal and external business structure

Produce a short assessment and audit document per business

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3-6 Months of Business Coaching

What Your Entrepreneurs Can Expect From My Business Coaching:

Strategic Planning around existing internal capacity

Business Development guidance around operations

Streamlined measures for increasing sales and revenue streams

Accountability & Responsibility associated to goals set

Learn More 👉🏾 Book Your Entrepreneur or SME Cohort Business Coach

What accelerators can expect:

  • Direct Approach
  • Required Accountability
  • Thorough Strategic Planning
  • Operations Implementation Support
  • Participant Refocusing
  • Experienced Feedback
  • Consistent Commitment
  • Vested Interest

What entrepreneurs can expect:

  • Cultured Business Awareness
  • Accountability Partner
  • 1-3 Year Strategic Plan
  • In-Person Business Assessment
  • Meeting System, Process & Cadence
  • Business System Implementation Support
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Revenue Forecasting

Every cohort needs someone they can depend on to increase progression, income and sales with their entrepreneurs.  

Booking Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols as your cohorts business coach gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to work with someone they can trust, relate to and respect while building their wealth through business.  

Entrepreneur Cohort Executives struggle to find coaches, mentors, instructors and facilitators every year that match the current creative, innovative and economic climate. Booking Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols eliminates your struggle and countless hours finding a well-rounded entrepreneurial expert.  

However, sometimes entrepreneurs need professionals services beyond the accelerator. Entrepreneurs that have successfully completed an accelerator, produce a referral letter and demonstrate the desire to scale their business can benefit from Marie Management consulting:

Learn more about ways Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols impacts entrepreneur led businesses at Marie Management:

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"We trust Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols to do what she does and she has yet to fail us with internal operations, sales and strategies to get us out the business in order to increase its performance. She’s worked with us on executive coaching, developing all of our departments, vetting and managing partners as well. She’s beyond valuable to us here."
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Accelerator Graduate Marie Management Services

Accelerator Graduates can continue to take advantage of business services within The Coin Culture among a community of their peers nationwide until they are ready for business consulting with Marie Management.