Automate It And Forget It

Automate It And Forget It


In a company, the term automation refers to a combination of computer hardware, software, and network connection. Front office refers to operational activities that directly affect customers such as marketing, customer service, and sales. Back office refers to business activities that take place behind the scenes and serve more supportive functions such as human resources, information technology, and inventory management. You can automate both of your business to improve efficiency and minimize cost. It is used to digitally create, store, manipulate, and relay office data needed for accomplishing basic tasks and goals.

There are different types of automation that can be used in different business industries across the globe. Office automation systems not only helps in optimizing the existing office procedures but saves time, money and human efforts. You can automate in both areas of your business to improve efficiency and minimize the costs.


Front-end automation often takes precedence in a company's investments and efforts to become more automated. This is typically because of the emphasis on improving efficiency and costs in customer interaction. Retail point-of-sale terminals allow for quick scanning of customer purchases and collection of data for use in rewards programs and research. Online sales and services allow customers to buy goods on their own time wherever they have an Internet connection.


New and improved version of customer service is the core advantage of front-end automation. The projects that usually takes a month or two turned around are often completed within a few days. Some companies are even offering same day online delivery which means that a customer can place an online order and if the store has it available it will be delivered within 24 hours. Lower cost are also another benefit. Automation service processes also reduces the number of employees required for marketing activities and the time and steps involved.


Back-end automation is becoming increasingly important for companies who need to clean up paper-driven processes and antiquated. Companies where paper-work is required. We can take banks as an example where they are increasing the back-end automation for record-keeping processes to catch up with front-end services. Banks have shifted into electronic check records instead of old systems scanning and filing paper checks. Now software programs are used to store data and organize data for marketing and record-keeping processes.


The real advantage of back-end automation's are efficiency and cost reduction. Automated work processes and Electronic record keeping reduce the time spent on unnecessary tasks or steps involved. Inventory management software has greatly reduced the cost and time of moving goods from the distribution center to retail store. Many companies have scaled-back employee needs in home offices and supported areas because of automated processes. This increase value to customers and reduces the costs for distribution channel members. While customers don’t directly see back-end automation but they do benefit it from scaled-back company operations.

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