Operating Like A Well Oiled Machine

Operating Like A Well Oiled Machine


Business operations refer to activities that business has to face daily to increase the worth of the enterprise and earn the profit. The activities can be optimized to generate revenue to cover the other expenses and earn profit for the owner of the business. Employees help business goals by performing certain functions such as marketing, accounting, and finance, etc.

All businesses in the world share a common thing altogether and that is a complexity to handle it. The activities of a company can never be simple and smooth. It is nothing but a roller coaster ride. This activity is known as a web of processes and it falls under the collective term called Business Operations.


The success or failure of any company depends upon the efficiency of operations performed. But how do we find out if the company’s worth is going to increase? The answer is by making a profit. The value of a company increases depending on how well the business performs in terms of making money. Money can be made through interest, dividends, and all income that comes back after investment. If the return of the profit is larger than the investment into a constant over an extended period, its value increases.


The following are the ways businesses can get back into the game by refining business operations.


A business should come up with actionable and realistic goals of measuring its business intelligence. The best way to measure performance starts by setting a goal for a specific period of time. The company’s management should set realistic and achievable objectives with clear targets. For example, if the goal of the company is to increase the revenue by the end of the year. The goal of achieving this target is more actionable than setting a goal to increase it in two weeks. The measurement system that determines how well the business is doing should be implemented to analyze the performance.


A business should upgrade with the latest trend that improves the quality of doing business. To stay up to date on what is happening in the industry and what trends the competitor is following. Change is always the hardest part but it can the business to innovations. Knowing federal laws and fluctuation in the economy can help grab the innovative new trend and changes required in operations to help the company find new ways to measure performance and save costs or to help the company to stay compliant during any recession or financial clash.


The best way to evolve daily is to improve business operations daily with certain changes in the industry to increase productivity. The company should always look for new tools and software etc that will ease and improve critical procedures. Businesses that use manual methods to manage inventory should acquire an inventory management system software that will automate the boring processes and will save time and cut costs.

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Marie Management is a consulting firm designed to build the following business models:

  • Hybrid Model Nonprofit: Adding a nonprofit to an existing for-profit business.
  • Hybrid Model For-Profit: Adding a for-profit to an existing nonprofit business.
  • Hybrid Model Brand: Building an entrepreneurs personal brand, for-profit and nonprofit collectively.

We specialize in hybrid models and love ensuring that entrepreneurs utilize excess profits for the purposes close to their hearts. Our entrepreneurs benefit greatly from having a firm that not only consults in both sectors, but manages in them as well.    

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